BOW WOW Smoked Salmon Meat Stick (70g)

$4.90 Regular price $6.90

It's Human Grade snack made of salmon meat containing wealthy DHA, EPA, Omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids) to taste fresh meat.

This highly nutritious snack also features taurine to boost heart health.

Chicken breast, salmon, sugar, starch, taurine, canola oil, soy protein, guar gum, refined salt, smoke flavor, purified water

Crude protein 15.0% or more,
Crude fat 2.0% or more,
Calcium 0.03% or more,
Phosphorus 0.1% or more,
Prude fiber 3.0% or less,
Crude flour 3.0% or less,
Water 70.0% or less

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