CAO Grilled Skipjack Cup - Grilled Tuna in Gravy Topping Tuna White Meat & Sliced Bonito (70g)

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by Ciao

What does Grilled Skipjack mean? It means that the skipjack fillet used has been gently blow- torched to retain and provide all the best natural flavours for your cats! Ciao Grilled Skipjack Tuna In Gravy Cup Cat Food has a layer of skipjack tuna and a choice of 4 unique graving topping. This simple cup will definitely provide an extraordinary meal experience for your cats. With two layers of goodness in a cup, feeding from a cup has never been easier!

  • White Meat Tuna
  • Sliced Bonito
  • Natural Flavouring Agents
  • Forming Substances
  • Vitamin E
  • Green Tea Powder

                • Protein not less than 10%
                • Fat not less than 0.5%
                • Crude Fiber not more than 0.2%
                • Moisture not more than 88%
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