Unicharm Manner Wear Dog Band Male (Size LL 50cm-55cm Waist) (32pcs)


Unicharm Manner Wear Dog Band is made with Superior Absorbent Material from Japan. It is not only fashionable but can absorb urine up to 6 hours* - without any leakage, making it the ideal diaper choice for any outings!

Product Highlights:

  • Made-in-Japan
  • Superior leak protection, absorbs up to 6 hours*
    *Based on average 6 hours urine amount of healthy dog (may vary depending on each dog)
  • Easy to wear & gentle fit
  • Comfortable & breathable sheet
  • Stay in position
  • Cool fashionable design

Product Materials:

  • Top Sheet : Non Woven, Polyolefin, Polyester
  • Absorbent Pad : Paper, Pulp, Polymer
  • Back Sheet : Polyethylene Film
  • Tape : Polyester
  • Elastic : Polyurethane
  • Construction : Hot Melth Adhesive
  • Packaging : Polyethylene Film
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