About Us


Heya! Thank you for your interest in Kibbles! We are very glad that you are taking the time to know us.

Our most fundamental vision is to bring joy to dogs and cats. We want to be instrumental in helping you build a great relationship with your fur buddies, and this means providing top notch pet products to enhance your pets’ lives. We are focused on expanding the availability of these products that can be found in Singapore so that your pet always has something new to look forward to!

But being the animal lovers that we are, we really can’t stop at fur buddies who already have loving homes (with all of you!). We want to go a step further and raise awareness for our fur buddies who are without a loving home.

That’s the reason behind the close partnership we have with rescue organizations such as the Soi Dog Foundation in Thailand and the Metta Cats and Dogs Sanctuary in Singapore. 5% of our total revenues (gross sales, not just profits!) goes to support their worthy causes.

(If you’d like more info, these initiatives to give back to the animals are audited every year by the Audit Alliance, a top firm in Singapore with stringent accountability standards, and the results are publicly available.)

You can be guaranteed that for every $100 you spend, $5 will go straight back to our beloved dogs and cats. We hope that in this small way, we can all make a difference together, and bring joy to as many fur buddies as we can!

To find out more about how we are giving back to help, click here!
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