The Healthiest Foods You Can Give Your Dog/Cat!

The Healthiest Foods You Can Give Your Dog/Cat!

The Healthiest Foods You Can Give Your Dog/Cat!

 Kibbles are great pet foods, but sometimes having a little change in your pet's diets can make all the difference to the health of your furkids. While a major overhaul isn't necessary, all you really have to do is to include something called meal toppers! By reducing kibble given to your pet by 50%, you can then add little top ups to their diet in order to help introduce some health benefits to your pets too!

1) Try adding some bits of freeze dried raw foods

Adding some bits of freeze dried raw foods is actually fantastic for your pet. Kibbles can sometimes be a little high on carbohydrates, and that can cause your furkid to become a little pudgy (not that it is really that bad a thing, more to hug after all), and that can be detrimental to your pet's health. Replacing some kibble, however, is a fantastic way to both decrease the amount of carbs they ingest, it also is replaced by protein, which can help your pet develop into healthy and happy little ones.

2) Add a little wet food into the mix

Wet foods are fantastic additions to kibble. Why, you might ask? That's because wet foods actually do help to control the amount of food that your pet might eat. Wet foods tend to make your pet fuller, due to the water content in the food, but still impart the same amount of nutrition to your dog as a small portion of kibble would. Also, wet foods have fewer carbohydrates than kibble, which is definitely going to be much better for your pet. Carbohydrates turn into glucose, a type of sugar, which is then inserted into the bloodstream. If the glucose however, is not utilized fast enough, it will turn into fatty acids, which can deposit itself along the walls of the blood stream, leading to health complications down the line. Therefore, having less carbohydrates in the body is a good thing for your pet.

3) Add a little raw or steamed vegetables into your pet's diet

"Eat your vegetables," your parents always used to tell you when you were young. Turns out, there is some merit to that, and now we can do that to our furkids as well. Vegetables add a little plant power to your pet, packed with essential vitamins and minerals that would help your pet grow healthily. These vegetables will help to fill out the amount of food your pet consumes, cutting out the amount of fat and carbohydrate consumed with either kibble or wet foods. However, do note that it would be easier for your pet to consume vegetables that have been broken down quite thoroughly, either by grating or blending. Your pet will be having a great day at the porcelain throne (i.e. the toilet) with the amount of fiber consumed

And there you have it, several ways to feed your pet in order to ensure they lead the best lives possible. We all want our pets to live long and fulfilling lives, and diet is one way of doing so. Now go out and enjoy time with your pet. You deserve it.


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